Friday, 11 October 2013

Fifteen too long years too long - by Zita Holbourne

Fifteen too long years too long
for the five who’ve done nothing wrong

1 year too long away from family
denied their human right to be free

2 years too long away from their own land
contact with loved ones restricted or banned

3 years too long to still be incarcerated
waiting for the day they’ll be emancipated

4 years too long missing the tocoloro bird
the beauty of its song of freedom unheard

5 years too long not tasting the best havana rum
or dancing to the rhythm of the bata drum

6 years too long to dream of the freedom
to embrace, to walk, to talk with a loved one

7 years too long for a nation to wait
for the return of their national heroes, so great

8 years too long for lives to be put on hold
whilst waiting for their true story to be told

9 years too long to be alone in isolation
seeking an end to this discrimination

10 years too long for miscarriage of justice to remain
clutching on to hope, praying they will not go insane

11 years too long keeping spirits high
counting days and weeks as they painfully pass by

12 years too long waiting for justice to be served
knowing that their punishment is not deserved

13 years too long for one to be partially free
whilst four are still kept behind lock and key

14 years too long for los cincos to be reunited
with their family, their country, & for wrongs to be righted

15 too long years too long
for the five who’ve done nothing wrong
for injustice and wrongful imprisonment - fifteen years too long
for justice to be served, - freedom given, we demand to know - how long? 

by Zita Holbourne, poet~artist~activist, copyright Sept 2013