Saturday, 23 April 2011

Teachers Turn Out in Support of Cuba

Over 80 delegates attended a joint fringe meeting organised by the Cuba Solidarity Campaign and the Venezuela Solidarity Campaign at the National Union of Teachers Conference today. 

Visiting educational specialist Dr Isora Enriquez O’Farrill of the Pedagogical University in Havana spoke of her personal experience as a teacher and about her role as a television presenter/teacher in Cuba’s innovative and interactive University for All initiative. University for All is a series of television programmes – particularly focusing on foreign languages – which Cuba has produced to expand the boundaries and accessibility of education. 

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Victor Dreke Cruz: Cuba's history man still talks of revolution

One of Che Guevara's 'pillars' is in London for the 50th anniversary of the Bay of Pigs. Nina Lakhani meets Victor Dreke Cruz

The curiosity and romanticism surrounding Cuba's revolutionary hero Che Guevara has refused to abate, even slightly, in the 43 years since his death. Victor Dreke Cruz, who served as Che's number two in Africa, is one of the very few who can lay claim to a special personal relationship with the man. Dreke, 74, a former rebel fighter and army commander, is in London to mark the 50th anniversary of the Bay of Pigs invasion, the disastrous attempt by CIA-backed Cuban exiles to overthrow Fidel Castro's communist government, that severely embarrassed President Kennedy.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Former US President Jimmy Carter calls for release of Miami 5 in Cuban television interview

Interview by by Arleen Rodríguez Derivet, Cuban Television journalist 

Arleen Rodríguez: Hello! A greeting to all of those who are watching Cuban Television right now. I welcome all of you, along with the former President of the United States, James Carter, who just moments before leaving to return to his country has graciously agreed to give us an interview, and an exclusive statement for our television broadcast.

Welcome. Thank you for accepting our invitation

Jimmy Carter: It's a great pleasure to return to Cuba, to Havana.