Friday, 14 September 2012

'My dad Che was true to his beliefs'

The following article appeared in the Nottingham Post after Aleida’s visit to Nottingham as part of her ‘Remembering Che’ tour.

ABOUT 200 people turned out to see the daughter of Che Guevara speak in Nottingham city centre.

Aleida Guevara gave a lecture at the Square Centre, in Alfred Street North, on Tuesday night as part of a UK tour.

Che Guevara was an Argentinian Marxist who played a key role in the 1959 Cuban revolution which overthrew the country's military government.

Aleida Guevara was seven when her father was killed in Bolivia in 1967, aged 39, while trying to launch a revolution there.

After his death his name and image were immortalised by many young people and used as a rallying point for left-wing politics.

Ms Guevara told the audience: "I was angry, of course, growing up without a dad, but my mother always says, love your father for who he was, a man who had to do what he did.

"My father died defending his ideals. Up to the last minute he was true to what he believed in. This is what I admire."

Ms Guevara also spoke at the TUC conference in Brighton on Monday, and also visited Newcastle, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

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