Monday, 23 May 2011

CWU Delegates Show Solidarity With Cuba

Over 70 delegates at the CWU’s national conference in Bournemouth resisted the temptation of an afternoon on the beach to attend a joint Cuba Solidarity Campaign/Venezuela Solidarity Campaign fringe meeting. Steve Jones – CWU representative on the CSC Executive Committee – reflected on the Cuban Ambassador’s recent visit to the CWU Executive. Her Excellency Esther Armenteros told the CWU how the ongoing blockade of Cuba had cost the country an estimated $750billion over its 50-year history and cited the suffering of Cuban children with cancer who are denied potentially life-saving treatment because of trade restrictions on medical drugs.

Steve vowed that the CWU would continue to “lobby politically in this country, raise awareness with CWU members about the truth in Cuba, challenge media lies and campaign on behalf of the Miami Five”. As Steve declared, “nothing illustrates Cuba’s struggle against foreign intervention better than the unjust treatment of the Miami Five” and CWU General Secretary, Billy Hayes, has previously spoken at the annual vigil for the Miami Five at the American Embassy.

Steve emphasised the need for us to learn from Cuba’s example and praised their achievements in the fields of education, health and internationalism. As Steve said, “Here the government believe competition and choice are the best ways to improve quality and efficiency in our public services. But Cuba has one of the most successful healthcare systems in the world with no competition, no market and no involvement of large for profit multinational private companies”.

CWU’s Head of International Affairs, John Baldwin, reasserted their committed to the Cuba Solidarity Campaign, the campaign to Free the Miami Five and the CWU’s belief that Cuba has the right to choose its own model without foreign intervention.

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