Monday, 31 January 2011

Cuba: A History, by Sergio Guerra Viaboy & Oscar Loyola Vega

A book that does exactly what it says on the tin, or at least the front cover, 'Cuba: A History' is a slim volume that sets out the what, where, when and who of Cuban history from 1492-2008.
Five hundred years are packed into just over 100 pages of clear and concise narrative on the pivotal events and people that shaped the island.

Each bite sized chapter is introduced with a pertinent quote expressing the views of key protagonists of the time. From Christopher Columbus’s thoughts on first seeing the island: “It is certain that where there is such marvellous scenery, there must be much more from which profit can be made.” to national hero Jose Marti’s prophetic 1889 warning: “Once the united States is in Cuba, who will get it out?”
If you want the essential facts at your fingertips this is a great reference book, and stands out from the numerous other English language histories and analysis currently available as it is written by two Cuban historians based at the University of Havana.

Published by Ocean Press.

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